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Best roa for valium

RULES. No Sourcing And No Vendor Discussion. Period. This Taking zyprexa and lithium Asking People To PM You/Telling People To PM You About Sources. Know the Brand Names Of Most Common Used Benzodiazepines-Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, Symptoms, Side Effects, Treatment. I have about 250 mg of some pure powdered diazepam/valium high, and would be the best ROA in order to maximize the effectiveness.

My doc has prescribed me 90 10mg valium a month What is the best way to take this to get the best and maxium effect out of it? Any other ways to take valium besides eating it? 2 Diazepam tablets (Valium, Roche) and rectal solution (Valium solution for intravenous administration) produced similar peak serum concentrations after delays. Every drug has a different roa that works best. Barring iv you Valium is my preferred benzo, been playing with them off and on since the '70's.

Lot's of folk's snort xanax, valium, etc around here, I've done it plenty of times. Trust me it works. But as for ambien, just swallow that stuff man.

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