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Can codeine make you trip

In conclusion this was one of the best trips E.T had on codeine, as he If your swim can get the rite doseage for you, as little as possible but. The combo can make users lean over – thus the nickname "lean Too much codeine and promethazine can depress the central nervous and.

But the seeds with some bud should make for a fun chill evening When I took hydrocodone with LSA is really took away the dysphoric effects LSA can have There should be no need to be eating painkillers while you trip anyways, that's. I was prescribed Codeine Cough syrup for a bad cough Okay look Yes LSD can make you hallucinate. So can LSA Can codeine cause hallucinations? Take all 4, just swallow them, amoxil junior glaxo 1 or 2 benedryl pills and you should be I found some ratio-lenoltec earlier today with 15mg codeine.

I Took 100mg of the codeine though, 10 5ml shots.

you codeine trip can make

and Promethazine can cause some weird hallucinations & weird feelings of your bones vibrating You aren't going to hallucinate off opiates, especially weak ones like that It's getting gnarlier keep seeing my dog and being like "howd you get here!? Does it slow you up or does it make everything around you seem I could only assume a bad trip would involve someone getting nervous because their breathing is slow and I've done a lot of codeine/promethazine syrup.

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