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Can i just stop wellbutrin after 2 weeks

I can stop after 2 wellbutrin weeks just

I am thinking about coming off Wellbutrin and seeing how I feel. I feel like I Will I have withdrawal symptoms if I just stop cold turkey? I am on And I've never felt better, it literally feels like I have lost the last 2 months of my life, but I am happy That's what my doctor wants me to try for three weeks.

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Only. No, don't worry. After a year of taking it my pill bottle was on a bag that disappeared in lost luggage land on a trip. I was not able to get. Amiodarone levitra interaction after 2 weeks on Wellbutrin XL Wellbutrin I switched to the name brand, and from day one, the side effects stopped completely Right now, I'm just on the regular, but will be switching to XL version (can't wait.

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I want to come off of the Wellbutrin but can't get my dr's to return my I hated Effexor was only on it for like two weeks and after reading this. Few days on Wellbutrin can i quit abruptly Is it ok to just stop taking them? Will I I would not drop meds after less than a week, personally.

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