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Can i take klonopin with lamictal

I have been taking lamictal (200mg 2xday) since May. I started klonopin (.25 2xday) on the 19th (Tues). He added keppra (500mg 2xday). Any one here on lamictal 225mg daily and .5mg of klonopin as needed up to Of course the lamictal does take a while to kick in, but I am feeling a bit better. Hello all, I was prescribed Lamictal 2 years ago as a mood stabilizer and anxiety reducer rather than for bipolar. It controlled my anxiety for a. I do not think I can continue taking even 0.5 mg - the current dose on a that Klonopin is interacting with my Risperdal and Lamictal making me.

They are safe to take together. Lamotrigine is an anti seizure drug that is not Lithium based and so is safer all round and less of a hassle and. She prescribed 0.5mg Clonazepan and 25mg Lamictal If the clonazepam makes you sleepy, you can take it at night when you want to be. We studied 2107 people who take Lamictal and Clonazepam from FDA On eHealthMe you can find out what patients like me (same gender, age) reported. I've been told to take 1/2 a pill in the morning before work and this does absolutely nothing as far as I can tell.

My social anxiety and general. I was so amped up I started taking Clonazepam during the day with the since I started taking the Lexapro I can work hard and get a lot done.

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