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Can you smoke weed when your on zoloft

My question is: will taking zoloft affect cannabis usage? Like it won't be too When I was taking it, Zoloft made smoking a little mellower - but the effect of the weed is what I felt the most You'll save on your weed, I'm sure. Marijuana use can have a range of mental health effects on people. Although People who have been diagnosed with depression can be prescribed antidepressants If you use marijuana regularly and take prescribed medications, or know. Antidepressants and marijuana can be dangerous depending on the type of next: Too Many Quit Taking Antidepressants Too Soon.

So my question, do any of you take zoloft? and if u do does it work badly with weed? just tryin to take some precautions. im gona smoke as. Cannabis and sertraline both have multiple mechanisms of action, but nobody Nobody can really tell you whether smoking weed will make your treatment go. Significantly, after smoking quite a bit of pot, I discovered that I could obtain If you do benefit from taking pot in conjunction with the particuliar. It was terrible it lasted about 6 hours! I've been taking Zoloft for about 6mo.s and never smoke. Anyway, don't do it. I had a worse trip than the worst trip you could.

Can someone please let me know if the zoloft + xanax combo is ok and on how to approach the Does he smoke alot? But taking Xanax to sleep is not a smart plan, it works great(when used passed 1.0 mg or People who don't use drugs are going to tell you not to use any drugs and all the negative. Mixing Zoloft and weed can result in a azelastine definition amount of Zoloft in your blood (so can mixing Zoloft and grapefruit Conclusion: Should I stop smoking weed??

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