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Clotrimazole ppt

Miconazole & clotrimazole• Topical use: – Miconazole 2 % and clotrimazole 1 % applied BD for 2 weeks in pityriasis versicolor, 4 weeks in. 4 Week Treatment vs. Clotrimazole. - Terbinafine. - Clotrimazole. Mycological Cure. Complete Cure. Novartis Lamisil AT 1% Cream Study # 2508-01 (n=97). Bayer Canesten Clotrimazole Anti Fungal Cream. Chemwatch Material Safety Data Sheet (REVIEW). Issue Date: 9-Nov-2011 CHEMWATCH 7803503. A31 'ILP. DOSAGE: • Dosing: Adult. Dermatophytosis, cutaneous candidiasis: Topical (cream, solution): Apply twice daily; if no improvement occurs after 4 weeks of.

The clinical cure rates in the clotrimazole group and the fluconazole group at days 7–14 Open in figure viewer, Download Powerpoint slide. First generation Imidazoles: Parenteral dosages no longer available for Miconazole.

Clotrimazole & Miconazole. Subhash K. Mohan. 10. antifungal agents.

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