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Danazol pregnancy

Clinical Summary. contraindicated during pregnancy; risk of androgenic effects on female fetus based on human data. Individuals of Reproductive Potential. Pregnancy Category, Explanation. All Trimesters, X, Studies in animals or pregnant women have demonstrated positive evidence of. FDA pregnancy category X. This medication can harm an unborn baby or cause vaginal birth defects in a newborn female infant. Do not use danazol if you are.

pregnancy danazol

Danazol, sold under the brand names Danatrol, Danocrine, Danol, and Danoval among many Contraindications[edit]. Danazol is contraindicated during pregnancy because it has the potential to virilize female fetuses. Women taking danazol. Danazol, an impeded androgen, anabolic steroid, and effective inhibitor of the stimulation by follicle stimulating hormone of folliculogenesis.

How it can affect pregnant women: Danazol should not be used during pregnancy. It should be discontinued if you become pregnant. Danazol is not an effective. Danazol is occasionally used to treat endometriosis, usually when all other Pregnancy or possibility of pregnancy during treatment (danazol can harm a fetus).

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