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Is it safe to take lexapro and xanax together

Using ALPRAZolam together with escitalopram may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. Some people. 4 Answers - Posted in: lexapro, xanax, depression, anxiety, vertigo My dr gave me Xanax and lexapro - how do I take them together?

Will this combination be effective for me,what can i expect from taking them,do the I too take Valium and just started Lexapro for severe panic.

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Lorazepam & xanax takes away my anxiety but the dr wants to take me off those and put me on lexapro I have changed doctors and am taking valium-a very low dose I had side effects but they went away after 2 weeks. It will help with some of the side effects when you first start Lexapro Also, this is a very common combination for our problems you are not. No side effects (yet). No good effects (yet). I asked doc whether I could take xanax while on Lexapro, especially before the Lexapro begins to It can take upto 6-8 weeks for the full effects to be felt let us know how you get on. That's my recommendation, try the Lexapro, and take an as needed dose of the Xanax to help with the side effects.

I would not recommend taking the Xanax. I've taken Xanax before and I like that I can take it as needed and didn't have any side effects from it.But for some reason I'm scared of anti depressants.

Is it safe to take lexapro and xanax together

Has anyone ever took klonopin and lexapro together I'm so tired of feeling like I don't take that mixture bit take something very similar in Prozac and Xanax Can you tell me what doses of both you have been prescribe?

I have just spent four and a half months coming off prescribed Klonopin. It was pure hell, even Is it safe to take Lexapro and Ativan together? What are the side.

I would like to know how many people feel that they need to take xanax along with Lexapro and if this is safe? I have been on Lexapro for a.

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