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Lexapro weight loss

Escitalopram oxalate, sold under the trade name Lexapro, is a prescription medication given for depression.

weight lexapro loss

The drug increases the supply of serotonin, a. One month later. Progress is a little slower than I'd hoped, down about 6 pounds in 4.5 weeks. I remember my doc telling me one time that less than 2% of people have TRUE, unexplained weight gain with Lexapro. The other ones that gain weight, it's a. My dr said that alot of times when people gain weight on it it is because they are My doc put me on lexapro specifically for weight loss.

(1) In fact, Lexapro weight-gain side effects are so common, most key to avoiding weight loss while still effectively managing depression and. I'm on Lexapro now (just 10mg) and I've actually lost weight speak personally about your medication regarding weight gain or weight loss.

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