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Lopressor used for anxiety

It is considered the first effective beta blocker and is used for a variety of Metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol-XL): This is considered an older beta. Some people say its less effective for anxiety related symptoms since I used 40 mg to 60 mg a day divided in 10 mg dose or 20 mg dose x 4. I take this for Tachycardia, I used to think I was having anxiety, turns out my heart was just beating really fast and I needed to slow it down.

My Doctor prescribed me this because of my Anxiety and my heart It is to my understanding that beta blockers are used to treat panic disorder as well Anyone take ibuprofen al 600 packungsbeilage in a real low dose and split the pills? pemmy. Used for short-term relief of social anxiety. May reduce some peripheral symptoms of anxiety, such as tachycardia and sweating, and general tension, can help control symptoms of stage fright and public-speaking fears, has few side effects. Possible Disadvantages. See disadvantages-Beta-Blockers, above.

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