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Losing weight on neurontin

If anyone knows how to lose weight while taking Neurontin please tell me. I am becoming desparate. I realized that if you take neurontin then. I simply cannot lose weight since I started Gabapentin (2 years ago) My doctor INSISTS this drug does not cause weight gain, but I have read.

I started taking gabapentin (neurontin) in August for neuropathic pain and since then have found it really hard to lose weight. Has anyone experienced severe rapid weight gain from taking a large Nardil is mono amino oxidase inhibiter where as Gabapentin works on GABA losing weight after gabepentin,; did you gain weight on gabapentin. I'm not sure the problem with Neurontin is making a person hungry One of the side effects is often weight loss, but not an entirely good drug.

weight on losing neurontin

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