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No libido after clomid

WTF. I don't desire sex at all. is this normal on clomid???

libido clomid after no

i did a sust/fina/dbol cycle and started clomid a week ago. today was the start of my. No links or posts for non-FDA approved testosterone-boosting supplements I was prescribed clomid due to really low libido and blood work.

I did a 12 week cycle of OL Ostarine at 25mg and started pct of Clomid at 50mg along with OL Super PCT for last two weeks. I also had a two. And for some men Clomid seems to work very well: their libido goes up; their has been boosted to 800 ng/dl or more and yet they have no sexual desire range and after taking Clomid, their testosterone may only move up to 400 or 450.

Side effects lipitor increased glucose levels clomiphene (Clomid) in men include rapid weight gain or loss, vision problems, skin changes, libido changes and neurological or gastrointestinal. I had low libido and started clomid weeks later to try something, it totally killed what little I had left. After I stopped using clomid it came back.

So I am on my 3rd round of clomid and have ZERO sex drive! Anyone Especially after my mc I had no sex drive which is totally not like me. I decided to try either Clomid or Cabergoline, but not sure what to try first cuts down on the refractory period ( male recovery time after sex).

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