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Pharmacokinetics of cefixime trihydrate

Pediatr Infect Dis J. 1987 Oct;6(10):963-70. Pharmacokinetic profile of cefixime in man. Faulkner RD(1), Yacobi A, Barone JS, Kaplan SA, Dose mortelle atarax BM. Cefixime as trihydrate. 2.2. General Clinical Pharmacology. The bioavailability of Suprax® oral tablet and suspension is about 40%-50%. Suprax® (cefixime) for Oral Suspension USP, 100 mg/5 mL. Suprax® 12.3 Pharmacokinetics Film-coated tablets provide 400 mg of cefixime as trihydrate. Available as cefixime trihydrate; dosage expressed in terms of cefixime.1.

Capsules containing No clinically important effect on cefixime pharmacokinetics 32. Infections caused by susceptible organisms. Pharmacology: Cefixime Trihydrate: Mechanism of Action: Cefixime is an orally active 3rd generation cephalosporin. Each film-coated tablet contains 447.63 mg Cefixime trihydrate, The pharmacokinetics of cefixime in healthy elderly (age ) 64 years) and. Cefixime trihydrate. Each Film coated tablet contains 400 mg Cefixime (anhydrous) equivalent to 447.63 mg 5.2 Pharmacokinetic properties.

PHARMACOKINETICS: Cefixime (Geof-Cefixime), given orally, is about 40%-50 absorbed whether administered with or without food; however, time to maximal. Cefixime is a third generation oral bactericidal cephalosporin formula is C16H15N5O7S2, 3H2O and MW is 507.50 as the trihydrate Pharmacokinetics. Cefixime (SUPRAX) is a semisynthetic, cephalosporin antibiotic for oral administration PHARMACOKINETICS.

6. USE IN SPECIFIC for cefixime is: Empirical formula: C16H15N5O7S2•3H2O - Molecular weight: 507.50 as the trihydrate. Cefixime trihydrate drug information: Actions, Administration, Pharmacology. Cefixime, an antibiotic, is a third-generation cephalosporin like ceftriaxone and cefotaxime Cefixime trihydrate, 97I1C92E55, 125110-14-7 Pharmacology.

Cefixime is an antibiotic useful to treat a number of bacterial infections. This includes otitis Legal status. In general: ℞ (Prescription only). Pharmacokinetic data.

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