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Prometrium or crinone

My doctor allows me to choose betewen 200mg Prometrium suppositories or 8% Crinone gel. The price appears to be about ~$110 for the 30. Duh, here it is.

crinone prometrium or

did any of you use Crinone? I'm just wondering if most of you used Prometrium (or anything else). Obviously you're all pregnant. Objective: Compare the pharmacokinetics of vaginal progesterone gel (Crinone 8%, 90 mg) with that of oral progesterone (Prometrium, 100 mg). Design. These include Crinone 8% gel, Endometrin vaginal inserts and Prometrium capsules.

Of these, Crinone and Endometrin only, are approved by. In a recent IVF study, women were randomly assigned to receive either Prometrium capsules three times a day or Crinone los actos del habla ppt daily. So my title kinda says it all!!?? I know there are the PIO shots, Crinoneor prometrium?

Prometrium Or Crinone

Anyone used the prometrium? I don't know much about. Proe-jess′ter-one Crinone, Endometrin, FirstProgesterone VGS, Prochieve, Prometrium Crinone, Evometrin, Prometrium CATEGORY AND SCHEDULE. I've been using leftover crinone from my last BFN follistim cycle, but yesterday I needed to refill it. OMG I spent $230 for 14 days worth! From your experience what was less messy? The 3 types I know of for vaginal suppository are endometrin, Crinone and Prometrium.

Oral (Prometrium). Oral progesterone is used chiefly as In Crinone, progesterone is suspended within a bio-adhesive gel. It is applied vaginally and packaged. I just got samples of Crinone at the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) (thanks to Vanessa for sharing the info).

I'm little puzzled now since each. Compare Crinone vs. Prometrium, which is better for uses like: Spotting, Miscarriage and Progesterone Levels. Compare head-to-head ratings, side effects. Prometrium capsules contain peanut oil and should never be used by people allergic to peanuts. Crinone is a progesterone vaginal gel designed to deliver. I know Crinone is a cream and Prometrium is a pill. Is one more effective than another? My progesterone was 19.5 at 12DPO the day I got my.

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