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Quetiapine chlorpromazine equivalent

Chlorpromazine equivalents. DDD. Defined Chlorpromazine dose equivalents (CPZeq). The CPZeq is a tablet, 2, 16, 5. Quetiapine tablet, 75, 750, 400. And quetiapine switching risperdal consta decanoate haldol and risperdal can and ativan be mixed chlorpromazine equivalents. Vs zyprexa for cardiac side. The dose of quetiapine is weakly related to trough combivent nebulizer classification levels 63–66.

Mean levels Chlorpromazine equivalent doses for the newer atypical antipsychotics. Quetiapine, and risperidone and no investigations of ziprasidone and sertindole All antipsychotics less potent than, or of equivalent potency to, chlorpromazine.

We convert all antipsychotic doses to chlorpromazine equivalents, using Seroquel. quetiapine. 75 mg per day. 13.

Quetiapine Chlorpromazine Equivalent

Serentil. mesoridazine. 50 mg per day. 15. Chlorpromazine equivalent doses for the newer atypical antipsychotics RESULTS: Doses equivalent to 100 mg/day of chlorpromazine were 2 mg/day for risperidone, 5 mg/day for olanzapine, 75 mg/day for quetiapine, 60 mg/day for ziprasidone, and 7.5 mg/day for aripiprazole.

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