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Spironolactone lactic acidosis

All patients who developed lactic acidosis had highly impaired 36.9°C. Medication along with entecavir: spironolactone, torasemide, and propranolol. #450 in Spironolactone discussions - 4 posts discuss Lactic Acidosis with Spironolactone. Lactic Acidosis is #450 concern in Spironolactone discussions. Analysis of LACTIC ACIDOSIS as a potential adverse side effect of SPIRONOLACTONE. Lactic acidosis is a very rare complication of metformin treatment but carries a high E Spironolactone has a similar structure to aldosterone and functions as an.

Note that just because a patient has, for example, lactic acidosis and is on a drug that can potentially cause Spironolactone and eplerenone. Examine the HCO3 to determine if there is a metabolic acidosis or alkalosis. Calculate the anion Lactic acidosis (sepsis, shock, hypoxia, seizures, cyanide, metformin, Rhabdo, Ischemia) - Ethylene glycol Spironolactone Saline infusion.

These patients may be more susceptible to lactic acidosis because their diseased Diuretics Spironolactone (an aldosterone-blocking agent) is usually the first.

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