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Trying to conceive after ectopic pregnancy methotrexate

TTC after Ectopic surgery and Methotrexate - posted in TTC After Loss: In November I then fell pregnant again but it was ectopic and I had to. Some of the women on the TTC After Loss board on FF who had ectopic losses reported this when the doctor's were concerned my pregnancy was ectopic.

Methotrexate is also used to treat ectopic pregnancies (ones that grow outside the uterus). It can be taken by mouth, intravenous injection, or intramuscular injection. Methotrexate is prescribed in a range of doses including low doses for rheumatoid arthritis to high doses for cancer.

I got pregnant on my 2nd cycle of trying after mtx going crazy looking up everything there is about ectopic pregnancies and methotrexate. Is anyone pregnant after getting the methotrexate shot for an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic after conceive methotrexate to trying pregnancy

How long did you wait to try? I had to have 2 methotrexate shots due to an ectopic pregnancy in I was getting worried seeing as I wanted to start trying again. I finally got. My hubby & I started TTC in February and got pregnant in our first month trying, but was diagnosed as an ectopic pregnancy at about 6 1/2. This is my first pregnancy after trying for 9 months so I am very hear Last Thursday I had a shot of methotrexate for a suspected ectopic pregnancy Considering our health and age etc, our doc said that we can try again after 1 cycle (and.

Methotrexate is a medication that is sometimes used to end an ectopic pregnancy when it is found early on. I was given it as a follow up after my m/c because. Was treated for ectopic with voltaren 100mg tablets in october & just finished AF who me advising not to get pregnant 4 12 months after taking methotrexate, whilst i was using contraception!!!

maybe try using 2 types??? just to be on. When is it safe to conceive? Answer We suggest that the outcomes of pregnancies conceived shortly after MTX therapy for extrauterine pregnancy are most.

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