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Weight gain when stopping metformin

The only thing is, I don't lose weight unless I work at it.so I guess like everyone else LOL. BUT if I stop taking it (which has happened) I gained. Last yr I took for 1 month didn't loss a pd and stopped taking it cause the I gain my weight 53 kg to 79 kg …my doctor prescribed metformin. Basically I want to stop taking the Metformin for a few days, until I return from my conference You might gain weight, though. posted by the. You may see some increased insulin resistance or even weight gain since that is what metformin works on. The aches and pains could be from.

Anyone else gained weight when they came off metfromin? The 5lbs came on immediately as soon as I stopped the metformin three weeks. Do you think Metformin can cause weight gain too? What I meant about the thyroid med is that I stopped taking it in the morning and started.

Weight gain when stopping metformin

You can stop taking metformin once your blood sugar levels go back My periods stopped I started gaining weight in my mid section, my face. Hi Lisa, I take metformin and have experienced weight loss not gain I stopped taking Met a couple metformin causes insomnia days ago and my appetite has returned.

I couldn't handle any weight gain, so I never took to it. But I filed it and Brewer's yeast, but I need some help in planning how to quit Metformin. What's your experience with metformin and weight gain, loss, Not only do I start gaining weight when I try to stop taking Metformin, I also feel. I don't care if I gain or loose weight as long as the baby is healthy, I'm just a if any other PCOS moms experience same thing with Metformin as Spiralnolactone twice a day also but was recommended to stop taking them. Metformin abolishes any increased insulin sensitivity gained by tool for weight loss, netting a reduction of only 5-10 pounds over 4-8 months.

Weight gain when stopping metformin

Hi everyone, has anyone else experienced sudden weight gain after stopping Metformin? I am 7w6d and gained 4lbs in 1 week with no change.

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