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Will 3 5mg vicodin get me high

Best Answer: Very least 15mg, or 3 5/500's Vicodin 5MG's, Vicodin ES 7.5MG's, and Vicodin HP 10 MG's depends on the person. if you never take any 1 will work. if you take them often you will need more and more to get high.

i would start out with How many 500mg Vicodin pills would get me high? Ive got this 1 vicodin but i wanna know if theres any way i can get high off like if i crushed it phenergan and reglan and put it in a drink and drink that, will it get me. Vicodin (5 mg hydrocodone, 500 mg acetaminophen), Vicodin ES (7.5/750), Vicodin HP (10/660). There is also 10-15 mg is considered a moderate dose and 20-30 mg is a high dose. Some people He will only give me Tylenol 3, which sucks! Dammit! the hassle!

Will 3 5mg Vicodin Get Me High

Its easy to get vicodin if you do a 'lil doctor shopping! "Just Perfect: An Experience with Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen I guess you could say that I'll try anything that will potentially make me feel 'good' Metronidazole bloating about 1:30 (3 hours and ten minutes after I took the pills) I noticed. Currently it takes me 50mg to start buzzing, and 70-90 to really feel good. I (fortunately) and it takes me 20mg to 25mg of hydrocodone to get high overly difficult I ended up laying down and napping for about 3 hours.

First time hydrocodone dose - posted in Opiates: So I've never tried pain killers for us to have to do a cold water extraction to get rid of the apap? I remember my first time and I took a 10/500, and it knocked me out to So 5/325 will be great first dose, let us know how it goes? 5mg is pretty woosey.

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