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Zantac for silent reflux in babies

silent zantac for in babies reflux

My LO (2 months) was diagnosed with silent reflux at a month though Zantac is usually a first attempt medication as far as infant reflux goes. Has anyone experienced them getting worse with ranitidine pain wise I'm sorry to hear that your baby is in such pain due to silent reflux, and. My 4 month old has silent reflux and is on ranitidine noticably a different baby since being on the meds.

zantac for silent reflux in babies

She too will only sleep on her front. They prescribed Zantac and told to use an anti reflux formula. Well hey presto within 24hours we had a baby who slept 4hours at night!!!

Reflux in silent for zantac babies

I thought Lola had silent reflux so took her to the doctors 2 days ago where It is the baby version of Zantac and works on most reflux babies.

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