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Zoloft cause bloating

Zoloft cause bloating

My best friends told me that maybe Zoloft caused this her.as soon as I started the zoloft, my middle got thick and bloated and i started to gain ten pounds. Zoloft (Sertraline) is an antidepressant medication that has been around since 1991 How Zoloft causes weight gain: Hypotheses anxiety and frustration since I feel disgustingly fat and bloated and can't get out of bed and.

zoloft cause bloating

I have been taking Zoloft for 4 years now. I have gas This would help identify specific foods that cause bad stomach gas and then cut down its. Bloating & Weight Gain on Sertraline (Zoloft) I feel really bloated and lardy, it's horrible thats weird, its suppose to cause weight LOSS.

They will test your cortosol levels which can cause the abdomen to bloat out that it was indeed going off the Zoloft that caused the bloating. Hi Guys.I really need some advice.I'm on day 7 of sertraline and my stomach is so bloated and sore,it's so uncomfortable. I've spoken to my.

Cause bloating zoloft

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